Standard Rayco broach specifications:

Tools are Available on either 8mm or .500 shanks.

8mm shank tools are vented, except sizes .090 and smaller.  Sizes .090 and smaller vented upon request.

Tolerance on forms + or - .0002"

Tighter tolerances available at additional cost.

Tolerance on shanks -.0003"

Tools available in push and wobble style.

Tools certification traceable to N.I.S.T. available at additional cost.

Rayco Processed broaches are available  in two different material types:

RAYCO #8 :  our standard and most popular material.   It will cover a wide range of jobs and is superior to other commercially available hardened materials used for broach operations.  It is readily available in a wide range of sizes.

RAYCO #2:  this is a premium general purpose material exhibiting the best combination of hardness, and wear resistance for broaching applications.   Examples: 316 LVM, 22-13-5, and other difficult to machine materials.

RAYCO #7 :  this is a special purpose material exhibiting very high hardness, combined with exceptional abrasion resistance, and good toughness.  It is intended for use on materials with tensile strengths exceeding 190 KSI.  It is quoted upon request, please call for applications and further information.  Example: Cobalt-Chrome.

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